Tiedemann-Bevs Price Sheet: Embroidery & Panels | Embroidery | Praying Hands

Our Embroidery is of the highest quality and designs may be enlarged or reduced based on your needs. Customers can specify their thread colors or you may choose to use the colors as illustrated. We specialize in personalization and custom design. If you do not see what you are looking for please contact us and we will work with you to achieve your customers specific need.
Item #Description
E905113(PM) ? This design carries special pricing
E905118Praying Hands Outline
E905118-TPraying Hands (Trapunto)
E905153(PM) ? This design carries special pricing
E905153-BIBLEWindow/Cross/Pray. Hands/Bible
E905153-PHSmall Praying Hands
E905186Lg Outline Praying Hands
E905186-T(PM) ? This design carries special pricing
E905534Hand Reaching Down
E905M1006Outline Praying Hands
E906CD0090#118 Hands/#23: The Lord Is
E906CD0091Outline PH/#49: Going Home
E906CD0092Outline PH/Precious Lord,
E906CD0093Outline PH/#43: Retornando...
E906CD0094Trap. P.H./PHR #7, Until We Meet
E906CD0095Outline PH/En El Cuidado de Dios
E906CD01692-Tone Praying Hands/The Lord is...
E906CD01702-Tone PH/#10:May the Work...
E906CD01712-Tone PH/#44:En Las Manos...
E906CD01722-Tone PH/Precious Lord Take..
E906CD0173#113 Praying Hands/Rosary
E906CD01742-Tone PH/...and until we...
E906CD01752-Tone PH/I Have Fought...
E906CD01762-Tone PH/With Thy Lord
E906CD01772-Tone PH/Rest In Peace
E906CD01782-Tone PH/Nas Maos De Deus
E906CD01792-Tone PH/In God's Care
E906CD0551Window/Cross/PH/May The Work...

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