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Our Embroidery is of the highest quality and designs may be enlarged or reduced based on your needs. Customers can specify their thread colors or you may choose to use the colors as illustrated. We specialize in personalization and custom design. If you do not see what you are looking for please contact us and we will work with you to achieve your customers specific need.
Item #Description
E905182-TCross w/Leaves (Trapunto)
E905192Modern Cross
E905193Outline Cross
E905200Modified Cross w/Rays
E905206Modified Calvary
E9052093 Crosses
E905211(PM) ? This design carries special pricing
E905213Single Cross
E905557(PM) ? This design carries special pricing
E905582Celtic Cross
E905600Methodist Cross
E905606Queen of Heaven (Trapunto)
E905621(PM) ? This design carries special pricing
E905664Cross w/Thorns & Lily (Trapunto)
E905681Lutheran Cross
E905699Orthodox Cross
E905M1005(PM) ? This design carries special pricing
E905M1052Cross/Lily/Crown (Trapunto)
E905M1075Cross & Rays
E905M1102Cross & Oval-Tiedemann
E905M1115T-Cross w/Long Rays
E905M1115-TT-Cross w/Long Rays (Trapunto)
E905M1116(PM) ? This design carries special pricing
E906CD0110Cross/Rays/26: Descanse...
E906CD0111Cross/Rays/Descanse En Paz
E906CD0112(PM) ? This design carries special pricing
E906CD0113Cross w/Rays/Garland
E906CD0114Cross/Rays/Jesus Gave...
E906CD0115Cross/Rays/The Lord is my Light...
E906CD0690Calvary/May the Work...

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