Tiedemann-Bevs Price Sheet: Embroidery & Panels | Embroidery | Scenic

Our Embroidery is of the highest quality and designs may be enlarged or reduced based on your needs. Customers can specify their thread colors or you may choose to use the colors as illustrated. We specialize in personalization and custom design. If you do not see what you are looking for please contact us and we will work with you to achieve your customers specific need.
Item #Description
E905279The Homestead
E905433Mountain Sunset
E905571Winter Landscape
E905573(PM) ? This design carries special pricing
E905579Jade Returns to the Mountains
E905713Mountain Scene
E905815Oil Derrick
E905833House Scene
E905854(PM) ? This design carries special pricing
E905888Rosemond Bridge
E905889Harvest Covered Bridge
E905890Balboa Covered Bridge
E905891Country Bridge
E905892Old Mill
E905893Nautical Times
E905894Westerly Winds
E905896Oil Field Scene
E905942Oil Rig
E905954Windmill Scene
E905963Pastoral Scene
E905963-XPastoral (No Birds)
E905M1046Tree & Clouds Scene
E905M1083Pine Forest
E905M1085Mountain Scene
E906CD0620Reflections/Beyond the Sunset
E907584Pagoda Gateway

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