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Our Embroidery is of the highest quality and designs may be enlarged or reduced based on your needs. Customers can specify their thread colors or you may choose to use the colors as illustrated. We specialize in personalization and custom design. If you do not see what you are looking for please contact us and we will work with you to achieve your customers specific need.
Item #Description
E905100Old Birds/Going Home
E905100-BOld Birds Only
E905123(PM) ? This design carries special pricing
E905128New Birds Only
E905128129New Birds/Going Home
E905129Going Home
E905138X3Three Doves
E905144Landscape w/Crosses
E905144145(PM) ? This design carries special pricing
E905145In God's Care-Custom Script
E905150Large Cross Only
E905150-RLarge Cross w/Rays
E905154(PM) ? This design carries special pricing
E905155(PM) ? This design carries special pricing
E905164(PM) ? This design carries special pricing
E905191(PM) ? This design carries special pricing
E905197Birds/Going Home
E905197-BNew Birds Only/Upwards
E905198New Birds GH w/GH Upper Right
E905199Old Birds/GH (Variation #1)
E905199-BOld Birds Only (Variation #1)
E905208Our Lady of Guadalupe
E905210Ixthus Symbol
E905214Precious Lord Scene
E905219Shepherd/The Lord Is... (12)
E905223(PM) ? This design carries special pricing
E905232Applique Lady of Guadalupe
E905237(PM) ? This design carries special pricing
E905241Roses, Mother, Prov.31:26-29
E905242The Broken Chain, Prayer
E905260Chalice w/Grape Vine, Trapunto
E905262Lambs, The Lord is my shepherd
E905294Small -Lambs w/The Lord is my shepherd
E905407Church Scene
E905439Jesus Called - Clouds - Phone
E905457Muslim Emblem
E905559(PM) ? This design carries special pricing
E905560Lady of Guadalupe
E905580(PM) ? This design carries special pricing
E905594Jesus w/Aura
E905607Chapel Windows
E905613(PM) ? This design carries special pricing
E905618AA Jesus with Aura
E905620Paul's Chalice (Trapunto)
E905639Precious Lord Take My Hand w/Flowers
E905646Shalom (Fill)
E905688Religous Symbol (Priest)
E905734(PM) ? This design carries special pricing
E905829Nativity Scene
E905879End of the Trail
E905M1002Lord is my Shepherd-Phrase
E905M1013Rosary (Trapunto)
E905M1015Torch Outline
E905M1015-TTorch (Trapunto)
E905M1021Dove & Dogwood Branch
E905M1025Menorah w/7 Candles
E905M1027Large Shepherd (Trapunto)
E905M1033Star of David/Border
E905M1053Star of David/Outline
E905M1053-TStar of David/Outline
E905M1054Clouds with Rest in Peace
E905M1070Outline Shalom
E905M1074Bird w/Filigree
E905M1106TBible & Rose (Trapunto)
E905M1121(PM) ? This design carries special pricing
E905M1122(PM) ? This design carries special pricing
E905M1122-BBirds Only
E905M1127Eternal Light
E906CD0001Church/#14: 'W/Thy Lord'
E906CD0004Church in the Wildwood/The will of God..
E906CD0005Church in the Wildwood/Going Home
E906CD0020Ribbons/#1:'...and until'
E906CD0030Dove/#145: 'In God's Care'
E906CD0031Dove/#3: 'Free At Last'
E906CD0032Dove/#8: 'In His Hands'
E906CD0033Dove/Gone Home
E906CD0034Dove/#129: Going Home
E906CD0035Dove/Home Going
E906CD0036Dove/En el Cuidado...
E906CD0039Dove/ Wind Beneath...
E906CD0071Clouds/My Chosen One
E906CD0073Clouds/Well Done...
E906CD0074Clouds/Spanish Lord's Prayer
E906CD0076Clouds/#29:The Lord is my Light...
E906CD0077Clouds/Precious Lord,
E906CD0078Clouds/23 Psalm - Spanish
E906CD0079Clouds/#88: The Lord's Prayer
E906CD0080Clouds/#9: Peace
E906CD0084(PM) ? This design carries special pricing
E906CD0085Clouds/#31: Rest In Peace
E906CD0086Clouds/#70: Thou art with me...
E906CD0087Clouds/#71: In God's Care
E906CD0088Clouds/#82: To God Be...
E906CD0140Old Birds/#129: Going Home
E906CD0141Old Birds/#33: Retornando..(Old English)
E906CD0142Old Birds/#43: Retornando... (Script)
E906CD0143Old Birds/Gone Home...
E906CD0144Old Birds/Victory In Jesus
E906CD0145#199 Birds/PHR #43 Retornando...
E906CD0146Old Birds/#79: Hasta Nuestro
E906CD0147#100 Birds/Vaya con Dios
E906CD0148Old Birds/Going Home (Script)
E906CD0149Old Birds/Tenderly Calling
E906CD0192Landscape/#44:En Las Manos (Script)
E906CD0193(PM) ? This design carries special pricing
E906CD0194Landscape/#34: En Las Manos..(OE)
E906CD0195Landscape/He Has Prepared A...
E906CD0201New Birds/PH #33-Retornando...
E906CD0203New Birds/PH #16:Gone Home
E906CD0204New Birds/#47: I'll Fly Away
E906CD0205New Birds/PH #7:Until we...
E906CD0211Eagles/#50: and He will raise...
E906CD0212Eagles/He will lift you...
E906CD0214Eagles/Isaih 40:31
E906CD0240Small New Bird/#129: Going Home
E906CD0260Chapel/129: Going...
E906CD0262Chapel / Free...
E906CD0280L. Hand - R. Hand/Precious Lord,
E906CD0290(PM) ? This design carries special pricing
E906CD0291#85:Irish Blessing/Shamrock
E906CD0292PHR#66 w/Irish Saying/Shamrock
E906CD0293#147 Irish Prayer/Shamrock
E906CD0294#66 Irish Prayer/2-Shamrocks
E906CD0363Climbing Rose/In God's Care (Trap)
E906CD0410Rose Arbor/Lord is my light... (Trap)
E906CD0412Rose Arbor/Going Home (Trap)
E906CD0413Rose Arbor/Peace in the Valley (Trap)
E906CD0430Pastoral/PHR95:Peace In...
E906CD0432Pasture/Horses/Going Home
E906CD0433Pastoral Scene/Journey Home
E906CD0434Pastoral Scene/The Journey
E906CD0550Window/Cross/PH/Free At Last
E906CD0560Mormon Temple/Mountains/Phrase
E906CD0561Mormon Temple/Families are Fore
E906CD0630#713 Mountain Scene/Go Rest...
E906CD0631Mountain Scene/Go Rest High...
E906CD0670Bridge/Well Done...
E906CD0720(PM) ? This design carries special pricing
E906CD0771Dogwood/God could not...
E906CD0780Birds/Gone Home
E906CD0820M1122 Birds / Retornando A Casa
E906CD0822Birds/The Journey Home
E906CD0890Shepherd, Lambs - follow me...
E906PHR088The Lord's Prayer
E906PHR170II Timothy 4:7
E906PHR171Psalm 23:1
E907275Applique Lady of Guadalupe
E907563Birds/Going Home

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