Tiedemann-Bevs Price Sheet: Textiles | Interior Fabrics | Velvets | Majestic 7

Majestic 7 is an economical brushed knit velvet that is a lesser grade version of Majestic V, available in 60" width.

Fabric Content: 100% Tricot Polyester (Non Flame Retardant)

Standard put-up: 55 yds. per roll (on a tube)

PLEASE NOTE: Colors shown are simulated representations only. Due to the differences

in monitors and preferences, there may be slight differences in hue, saturation and tint.

Colors shown may appear slightly lighter or darker. Shade cards available upon request.

Item #Description
T522804100Majestic 7 Beige 4100
T522804101Majestic 7 Arbutus 4101
T522804130Majestic 7 Sky Blue 4130
T522804146Majestic 7 Champagne 4146
T522804195Majestic 7 Natural 4195
T522804210Majestic 7 Mist Pink 4210
T522804255Majestic 7 Silver 4255
T522804290Majestic 7 White 4290

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