Tiedemann-Bevs Price Sheet: Embroidery & Panels | Casket Panels | Panel Treatments | 2-Dimensional Panels

Taking a theme background and applying a printed or embroidered image over the top gives customers a truly unique panel design. Your options are endless but we have illustrated stock images below that you may choose from.

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Item #Description
P95PC2056PC Snap-In: 2-D Full Color Prints
P95PC2057PC Snap-In: 2-D Color Print/Embroidery
Q1001Beach Sunrise
Q1002Waving Flag
Q1003Blue Wildflower Scene
Q1004Dockside Sunset
Q1005Foggy Mountain Sunrise
Q1006Footprints in the Sand
Q1007Golf Scene
Q1008Heavenly Sky
Q1009Lake Sunset
Q1010Lake-Rock Scene
Q1011Mountain Beach Scene
Q1012Mountain Sunrise
Q1013Mountain Lake Scene
Q1014Mountain Lake Sunrise
Q1015Ocean Sunrise
Q1016Rainbow Scene
Q1017Pink Rose
Q1018Sailboat at Sunset
Q1019Beach Sunset
Q1020Sunset at the Lake
Q1022Woods Scene
Q1023Doves in Flight
Q1024Bridge Landscape
Q1025Deer Scene

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