Tiedemann-Bevs Price Sheet: Supplies | Casket Enhancements | I.D. Plates

Product identification plates, identifying the casket metal type and gauge.

Plates are real metal and are pressure sensitive adhesive backed for easy application.
Item #Description
S036201'Solid Cherry' Wooden Label
S036202'Solid Hardwood' Wooden Label - CO
S036203'Solid Mahogany' Wooden Label
S036205'Solid Oak' Wooden Label
S036206'Solid Pine' Wooden Label
S036207'Solid Walnut' Wooden Label
S036208'Solid Cedar' Wooden Label
S036211'Solid Poplar' Wooden Label
S036215Printed "Solid Wood" Label
S03622848 oz Bronze I.D. Plate
S03622916 Gauge Steel I.D. Plate
S036230Solid Copper I.D. Plate
S036231Solid Bronze I.D. Plate
S036232Stainless Steel I.D. Plate
S036233Black "Stainless" I.D. Plate

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