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A wide variety of pins and sewing needles.

What you get when you bang your funny bone!!
Item #Description
S024001#17 Dressmaker Pin-1 lb. Box
S024002#20 Dressmaker Pin-1 lb. Box
S024003#24 Dressmaker Pin-1 lb. Box
S024014#20 T-Pin, 1/2-lb Box
S024015#24 T-Pin, 1/2-lb Box
S024016Brass Safety Pins, 3/4", 10gr
S024020#3 Safety Pin, 2", 10gr Box
S02651816x257, 90/14 Needle (100/Box)
S026528135x5, DPx5 -100/16 needles
S026529135x5, DPx5, 90/14 Needles (100/Box)
S026530135x5, DPx5, 110/18 Needles (100/Box)
S026532Organ 16 x 257, 100/16 Needles (100/Box)
S026534-352 x 7, 100/16 Needles (100/Box)

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