Tiedemann-Bevs Price Sheet: Textiles | Exterior Fabrics | Ventura

Ventura is a brocade style fabric with an artistic floral design, creating a beautiful higher end appearance on cloth covered caskets. Available in 54" width.

Fabric Content: Poly/Cotton (Non Flame Retardant)

Standard put-up: 60 yds. per roll

PLEASE NOTE: Colors shown are simulated representations only. Due to the differences

in monitors and preferences, there may be slight differences in hue, saturation and tint.

Colors shown may appear slightly lighter or darker. Shade cards available upon request.

Item #Description
T407545050Ventura II 54" Beige
T407545100Ventura II 54" Blue
T407545190Ventura 54" Horizon Blue (D)
T407545340Ventura II 54" Burgundy
T407546050Ventura 54" Pink
T407546450Ventura II 54" Silver
T407546850Ventura II 54" White

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