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The largest selection of quality casket covers for the ultimate protection in both shipping and in facility handling.

From dust and scratch protection to padded delivery moving covers.

Note: Both our Quilted and Vinyl casket covers vary in color and in some cases with the Quilted may contain more than one color.

Call for special custom orders.
Item #Description
S031001Evolution casket cover with elastic along base
S031003-2Evolution Casket Cover 114.5"x17"x29"
S031004Heavy Vinyl Casket Cover-MFG
S03100530"-33" OS Heavy Vinyl Casket Cover-MFG
S031005-236"-42" OS Heavy Vinyl Casket Cover-MFG
S031010The Pro Quality Quilted Casket Cover
S031011Elastic Pro Quilted Casket Cover
S031020Economy Padded Casket Cover
S031025The Pro SOLID COLOR Casket Cover-SPO
S03103033"-36"Oversize Quilted Casket Cover-MFG
S03103544" Oversize Quilted Casket Cover-MFG
S0310382'6" Quilted Casket Cover-MFG
S0310393'6" Quilted Casket Cover-MFG
S0310404'6" Quilted Casket Cover-MFG
S032100Opaque White Casket Covers (175/Box)
S0329503-Ply Plastic Dust Covers (175/Box)

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