EDC honors success stories

It was time Monday to say thank you to 10 businesses that have been unwavering in their commitments to Wayne County.

It also was time to hear an upbeat message from community leader Paul Lingle in a keynote address during the Economic Development Corporation of Wayne County’s annual meeting.

“The future of Richmond and Wayne County looks mighty bright,” Lingle told about 75 business and community leaders at Forest Hills Country Club.

He detailed many assets: strong community arts and social services, excellent public safety, growing educational systems and opportunities for young people and new spirits of cooperation toward regional economic development. “Let’s not listen to negativism. When it begins, stop it,” Lingle said. “Tell them the great things you are watching happen.”

Those happening things in economic development certainly include these investment success stories: $318 million in the new Reid Hospital, $42 million in the Johns Manville plant and $1 million for J.M. Hutton and Co. to expand into new areas.

They were among the 10 honorees Monday, all of which received some financial help from EDC.

The leaders of the business are all vocal about selling the positives of Wayne County.

The success stories also include:

EDC President Tim Rogers and board Chairman Jeff Jackson spoke during the annual meeting about pushing a stronger emphasis on helping existing businesses.

Businesses that have stayed here deserve honors in equal ways. “Tell them thank you for being here, employing people, paying taxes,” he said.

In other action, the EDC board unanimously approved motions to award $14,322.46 for work force training expenses to Howa USA and $18,284.24 for equipment-moving expenses to the life-sciences company Taconic.